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Years later I am considering revisiting the subject. In October 2013 I started an MA in First World War History with the University of Birmingham - successfully gaining 60 credits.

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Skype webcam america to argenti

Indeed, I was privileged to attend the Coursera 'Partner's Conference‘ in March 2016.

Since, I have become a Mentor with Coursera's 'Learning How to Learn' and 'Photography' courses.

Like all populations there are outliers: in this case, those who are better able to hold onto information and those who are not. A lecture or class followed by review and homework and testing, then further prompts and exams worked for me. I don't concentrate enough in the class or lecture anyway, even note taking becomes mechanical. REad the short paper by 'The Forgetting Curve' by Dr John Whitman How things come around.

Starting out in corporate video training and information films in the 1980s I found myself working with an ex BBC Money Programme Producer Alan Scales who won the contract to replace a carousel slide show (really) sent round to all branches, with video.

I have taken an educator through Google Classroom and Google Drive twice or three times in a year so doing this requires me to revisit what I knew then, check all updates and give things a go myself before hand.

The tutors themselves, with there 25 students and a term of assignments to prepare are more versed in it than I am.

I've been fascinated in Ebbinghaus ever since the OU introduced me to his work.

I've come to believe that this is a generalisation.

I feel like the teenage who got into video production age 17 - 40 flipping years ago! A bit, though I lack the drive and have far too many other distractions. It might be as basic as learning how to drive - but you still have to learn how to drive and then set off on a journey where the road signage changes, and slow side roads become slick interstellar space ports overnight.

Accepting constant change is part of working in digital.

Over the four years of studying for an MA I completed: H807, H800, H808, B822 and H810.

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