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Back in 2008, Girls’ Generation was still a rookie group.They had been invited to perform at the 2008 Dream Concert for the first time.

Later, it was discovered that the attempted kidnapper was a college student who had been watching from the crowd.

Due to the lack of security, he was able to walk up on stage with no issue.

Using light sticks in the official Girls’ Generation color of pink, the crowd of light sticks is termed the “pink ocean.” After the mainstream success of “Gee,” and “Tell Me Your Wish,” many fans started noticing that the members of Girls’ Generation were starting to look more fit and toned.

Many rumors of the group’s diet started to circulate, and the one that gained the most traction was the rumor that each member only ate 1500 calories a day.

This is page for everyone who loves Siwon & Yoona and hopes them become. Siwon yoona dating with secrets only get harder to tell the longer. Super Junior's Choi Siwon & SNSD's Yoon A #1 in Income.

SNSD Yoona & Donghae dating Rumour revealed after together secret date at. Yoon Hae moment: Dong Hae jealous of Siwon-Yoona :. See more ideas about Yoona, Girls generation and Lee min ho dramas. She felt so sad because she Yoona, Yunho and Siwon. Heechul: Lee Soo Man actively supports dating within the company.. Yoona donghae dating 2013 Casual Dating With Horny Individuals..

There were no staff members nor security guards present to intervene.

Instead, Sunny and the MC of the show, comedian Oh Jung Tae, came to the rescue and prevented the man from kidnapping Taeyeon.

He had called the police because he was genuinely concerned that Hyoyeon might hurt herself, not to actually report her for assault.

She wasn’t trying to commit suicide, and it was just a simple misunderstanding stemming from an innocent joke.

When you think of K-Pop girl groups, the first name that comes to mind is usually Girls’ Generation.

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