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Online dating can feel weird and seedy, and it does come with some negativity, but try to keep an open mind.

If you don’t like it – take a break for awhile and consider trying again later.” For women over 35, Heather recommends another approach. Unlike some dating apps like Tinder – that are more about quantity – matchmaking services are more about quality.

They really enjoyed doing things together, so I supported that.

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Life after divorce is about more than dating and finding a new relationship.

According to Heather, “It’s great to have interests of your own, and it’s enjoyable to share common interests and experiences outside of dating with friends and potential dates.

I also encourage women to avoid introducing their kids to every person they date.

Wait until you decide that person is likely to be in your life for the long-term.

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It can also be a great way to have fun and not take yourself too seriously,” Heather says.

About Heather Buen, MBA: Heather Buen talks about her life experiences and offers up ways to help Dallas’ single moms ‘Re-Invent’ their own lives through life transitions.

“If you are a parent, a therapist can help you navigate the dating topic with your kids.

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