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Jason smiled politely and casually chatted with my kids.The next morning, my neighbor came over and excitedly asked how my date went.

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Halfway into our first glass of wine, the petite and attractive woman sitting across from me divulged that she had an eight-year-old son.

Given that I wasn’t looking for anything serious and was dating other people, I was more interested than taken aback.

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“You know, you should really try dating more than one person,” Andrew said as he drove me home. “She never has to pay for dinner,” he’d said, and laughed.

“And I was losing my mind and it’s because I received silence on the other end.” He goes on to talk about the paradox of choice in online dating: “We have the most romantic options that any generation’s ever had. ” My phone buzzed in my pocket, a reminder that a different man might not feel the same way.

You’d think more options is better, but whenever you look at any studies they’ve done, they always find that the more options people have, the harder it is for them to make a choice and that when they do make a choice, they’re less satisfied.” I disagree with Ansari. I didn’t kiss him goodnight, and told him I could walk myself home. He’d just moved to town, had an engineering degree and drove one of those Toyota pickups I’d drooled over for years.

Fast forward two years, and despite that somewhat star-crossed date, we’re still an item.

It’s been the most loving and mature relationship I’ve ever been a part of.

In the middle of making pancakes, my phone buzzed with a text. Normally I feel heartache magnified by hopelessness over not being able to find anyone.

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