Single christians dating agape singles

We would like to cater for every man/woman so we have kept our membership fees very affordable.

Loosing faith in love has been the unfortunate thing for some, while you find the few that get hurt over and over again trying to find the right person.

This made me think, and while I was thinking and doing my research on this issue and counseling many a victim of these kinds of relationships. Why don’t we do it like the olden day’s when a matchmaker would bring two people together? It took a lot of prayer and consulting with the Lord as to His will, and then with the help of other Christians praying about this project this site was launched in July 2010.

It does not mean the two should be identical in all they say and do, it simply means the love of God and the love for God’s word takes president in both of their lives and it determine the way each of them live their lives individually.

When we meet someone and fall in love, it is too late to figure out if and whether she or he knows the Lord as savior and if they are an active Christian who confess Jesus as Lord.

Finding Christian singles to date; Hope this helps you make wiser decisions about the company you keep and also about the type of people you choose to date.

Meet Christian singles on Agape Singles, South Africa’s Christian singles website.

The primarily focus is to help individuals connect with like-minded people.

Profile are sent to us free of charge and placed in our database while we search for suited matches.

A Christian single person need to understand the importance of honoring God in every area of life even when it comes to whom you keep company with because your mind and behavior is influenced by the type of jokes we listen to and the communication we take part in.

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