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There is also the problem of the electric vehicles already on the road, which the new regulation does not currently seem to cover.

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The added sound will be similar to that made by a combustion engine, and must have a minimum volume of 56 decibels when standing 50 metres from the vehicle.

So long as this added sound is directional, distinctive and loud enough to be detectable from background cityscape noise, we think this is a good thing.

Guest stars so far this season have included Julian Rhind-Tutt and Emma Fielding. The show is known for depicting gritty crimes and mysteries that are tackled by the Lyell team of detective pathologists.

It has followed the same format for years, with each season being divided up into 10, two-part stories.

In their announcement the Df T made clear that: "From 1 July 2019 all manufacturers must install an acoustic sound system in new types of quiet electric and hybrid electric vehicles to improve road safety."When electric or hybrid vehicles travel at speeds below 12 miles per hour (20 kilometres per hour) they emit so little noise that they have earnt the nickname ‘silent vehicles’.

This lack of noise has an unintended safety implication, because it makes these vehicles very hard to detect, particularly for blind and partially sighted people who rely on listening to detect approaching vehicles.The final episode will see the team reunited and Emilia revealed that there were some “challenging scenes” to film.Slacker icons Jay and Silent Bob are back in a series of comedy shorts depicting the duo's most infamous exploits from their hometown of Leonardo, New Jersey. Each two-part episode deals with a different crime but the overarching narrative runs throughout, and events from previous seasons are still relevant.“One of the joys of Silent Witness is getting to make five two-hour films each series, which means we get to go into five different worlds, where the bodies and cases take us, and it means we get to work with five different guest casts,” Emilia said. The season final will air tonight and will see Nikki and Jack dealing with the aftermath of being caught up the shooting spree in last night’s episode.Blind and partially sighted advocacy groups including RNIB, Guide Dogs, the European Blind Union (EBU) and the World Blind Union (WBU) have campaigned for mandatory AVAS for nearly a decade.

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