Shirley yeung dating the dating guy russell peters episode

” When Shirley initially announced breaking-up with Gregory on June 28th, she chose not to reveal the true reason for the split.Although the public fiercely accused her of heartlessly leaving Gregory for new love interest, Andy Ng, stubborn Shirley believed that the innocent will remain innocent.This treatment is no different than treating a stranger; how can we get along?

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” When Shirley and Gregory started dating initially and lived separately from his family, they got along the best. Living together with another man, the normal practice is for both parties to share the bills.

“When we lived in Sai Kung, his family lived upstairs. However, I did not mind and paid for the expenses myself. At the time, I do not know how I was able to accept the situation. How do you discuss such hardship with other people?

Shirley became a single mother and gave birth to her daughter, Krystal Yeung (楊卓穎) in 2012.

Despite her bitter love history, Shirley remained full of confidence towards love and hoped to walk into the church one day. I continue to love and trust people without any regrets.

I lived with Gregory, his elder brother, Augustine (李泳漢) , and their mother, Shih Ming (施明).

I tried my best to immerse with his family…despite trying to talk to them, no one would give me a response. When I greeted them, they regarded me [invisible like the air].

Sometimes, even Gregory did not have any dinner prepared for him.” “At home, Shih Ming did not notice Gregory. Even if he took out his entire earnings, his mother will say it is not enough money.

When there was not enough money, Gregory had to use his credit card. On the other hand, Gregory’s elder brother, Augustine, did not work and would avoid responsibilities.

I must work harder in order to find a better person.”Shirley emphasised she had normal criteria such as having the same interests and perspectives and the looks was secondary concern.

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