Shipmates dating show episode

In the first episode tonight, as one team edges ahead, cracks in friendship groups begin to show, and when team tactics turn to flirting, one ex-flame is left all at sea. Shipmates airs at PM on Channel 4 from Friday, July 5.

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Some of the scenes were coach the new "date" during breaks in the action.

I remember this one poor guy went to get his date a drink, then two of his ex-girlfriends tell his date "he's got another girl friend already, ask him if he's seeing anyone else - see if he lies! This dude didn't know he was about to step in a trap!

The show was being filmed all the time on the boat, with cameras everywhere.” The paper also reported that as the arrived in Cannes, one Briton was arrested, while others throwing up in the swimming pool and being pushed around in wheelchairs.

However, a spokesperson for Channel 4 told Digital Spy that these reports were untrue in a statement: With a start time close to midnight, it’s expected that the TV series will be pretty damn explicit and X-rated, so prepare for a show that will blow the PG antics of Love Island well out of the water.

Over five episodes two wild groups of friends board one of the most luxurious cruise ships in the world for a glamorous competition.

Joining them - at least in voice - is narrator Stephen Mangan.

Not only is in intriguingly intense and humorously mysterious but there is a badass theme song, too.

The trailer music in the Pure promo is by Count Five and is topically named Psychotic Reaction.

The Channel 4 series will air it’s final two episodes tonight (Wednesday, February 27th).

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