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I am a very passionate and romantic woman and I'll make your life filled with fun atmosphere, with comfort and warmth and my tender love. more about Polina from kharkov I am not all milk and honey!

And I am sure it is very good))) I am a normal person with my character, with my special traits and with my ability to love and share. more about Lilia from Odessa I believe that I am quite a mature woman an I know exactly why I am here and what I want in life..

I m Honest, gentle, hardworking, understanding,open-minded and passion...

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Our souces of entertainment has changed from camping, listenting to the radio and hanging out with friends and family to communicating with friends and family via Social media sites.

We are also engage in shopping online to downloading music on our Ipod. These forms of entertainment comes at no financial cost but the hours spent on these sites taking away real time from in-person social contact and truly impacts of social behavior.

People are able to work at home or work without going into work.

There are also techological devices that are taking over people's jobs. In the American Pop Culture how we look in terms of weight and dress is far more important than traditional values.

Additionally there is more violence and sex on TV and in the Movies.

One can rarely find a movie that promotes family values.

There is examples of this in the breakdown of the family and in the increase of consume debt as well as the struggling US Economy.

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