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It’s as deep, haunting, knowing, and beautiful as the Alabama woods they once called home.Both sang as soon as they could form words, but music is the only language they have ever needed to communicate with and understand each other.

"I was 18 when I made my first record, Sunrise, for Epic.

When you make records in Nashville, it's a completely different process, a certain system and a certain way of finding songs.

In the US, too, Lynne is about to experience a change in her career.

The word is out that Shelby Lynne is set to cross over into more mainstream markets.

The best relationships between singers are symbiotic yet mystical.

They bear the demands of the song and revolve around what it needs without discussion.

I really wanted people to feel like it was the debut, like a rebirth, almost.

"Bill [Bottrell, producer] and I would write a song and cut it within an hour.

I wouldn't say I have a huge collection of what's been out there for the last 10 years, because I don't, but I could not have made I Am Shelby Lynne if I hadn't been in Nashville for 10 years making the other ones.

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