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…He asked me my name/ my husband's name, where my husband worked, what he did.

Maryann: He …told me that he had seen me building a table in my backyard. …after he said that he would hurt my son if I fought back or if I screamed or if I made too much noise or if I ran, then I just -- I shut down.

C., home to Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, was terrorized by a serial rapist over a 14-month span beginning in 2011. Special Agent Heather Powers: Camp Lejeune is a big part of the Jacksonville, North Carolina community. Maryann: …good things about being a Marine wife are the friends, the stability. Maryann: He had been in Afghanistan for six months.

Authorities believed the perpetrator was responsible for 12 sexual assaults. The Jacksonville Police Department took the lead in the investigation, as all of the attacks occurred off base NCIS formed a joint task force with the Jacksonville Police Department, who were able to connect the attacks. Special Agent Heather Powers: At the time that I was stationed at Camp Lejeune …

Briana: I just don't get how, especially in a small neighborhood, in a military neighborhood, like, nobody saw anything. …I mean he had to be watching, I mean to know that I lived there and that someone had left. I received a telephone call about another assault that had taken place. Just hours after taking Briana's statement, Detective Ramirez got a call about another assault. Anthony Ramirez: It's probably 10 minutes away from Briana's house. …I didn't know if this was gonna be connected or not. That morning, her husband left for work sometime after 5 a.m. The task force began working the leads on Briana and Sarah's cases. So that's one of the things that I was tasked to do. it was pretty close in proximity as far as the time, within maybe 20 minutes or so. Anthony Ramirez: At that point …we were starting to make the assumption that these cases were probably connected.

What happened next would change everything about this investigation. Anthony Ramirez: As I go back to the police department … we were worried that there would be increased violence to a point where it could possibly result in a homicide. Special Agent Joshua Lawson Things were moving high speed. Special Agent Joshua Lawson: …from the point where the transaction was made until Sarah's sexual assault … The task force sent photos of the suspect from the gas station to a detective at the local sheriff's office.

Besides the cash, the masked intruder fled with Maryann's cell phone.

Maryann: And then I finally get the courage to open up the door, he was gone. I mean there were bloody handprints everywhere, nobody came. as soon as I saw him I got down [on her knees] and I was screaming for help. The attacker had vanished, taking Briana's wallet with all her credit cards. Anthony Ramirez: I ended up getting a telephone call that day for a break-in and assault that had taken place. Incredibly, just minutes earlier, Briana's roommate and four buddies had left the house for a beer run. " Briana: I was hurt more than I thought 'cause I dripped blood from here all the way through the living room. So I skipped this house and came straight to this house and I immediately started banging on the door screaming for help. So the neighbors actually across the street, at 310 came out and said they heard me screaming … "Briana: A few minutes later the cops came, the ambulance came. …And when I came downstairs, it was like the "Twilight Zone." The house was empty. I went to 103, I banged on the door and nobody answered. …she said she wasn't able to recall a whole lot details about the attacker … Sarah: I watched a lot of crime shows, like how they caught people … Because he's like, "Why are there cops in my house? At the hospital, Briana learned the extent of her injury. Andrew worked as a welder for Second Tank Battalion. He was just standin' there with a gun pointed at me. a bandana over his face, like coverin' his nose so I could only see his eyes. Sarah: He came in about two minutes after my husband left, he was around that mornin'. …He had these big, big eyes that were just really recognizable. The rapist left behind few clues, and it wasn't until two victims were attacked on the same night that investigators were able to get their first major leads.

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