Sexy chatting game access denied when updating drivers

I spent 5 minutes in the general chat room and it was filled with tons of childish and profane remarks that were unsuitable for my 9 year old.In addition, players seem to be sharing a lot of personal information about themselves.

Finally there's the matter of things taking a long time (where of course they want to get you to pay real money to speed things up); personally this isn't my biggest complaint, because I'm fine with starting a task and going about my day and then checking on it later-- and there's just so much other stuff in the game that irritates me a lot more.

The example of when the time issue does bug me is when they make special "events" (the maze, etc) which again are deceptively advertised as presumably being possible to complete-- but you can't, really.

It also said I can do stuff to earn them but it's stopped working all of a sudden and I can't earn any tokens.

This keeps happening where I can earn it, and then I can't. They charge 3$ for a pack of tokens that you use in 1 turn!!!!!!!!

Imagine spending $20 on an in-game dragon for a phone game, multiple times, that you'll probably get tired of after a while.

is more than what the entire game should cost if you had paid a base price!

Because in order to advance each step you need an increasing amount of currency which you can't realistically get within the time limit they give you, and it increases so much that it becomes blatantly clear they just want you to spend real money if you really want to complete it. In conclusion: this game had potential-- but it's just so deceptive that it almost feels insulting. I learned that there was a chat feature after I heard my children talking about what people were posting.

Maybe a lot of other games are like this too and this is just the norm-- but honestly, don't waste your time, and don't waste your child's time. I reviewed the chat history and it only allows me to review 35 minutes of chat history, so I have no way of verifying safety of use.

Instead this game makes it painfully obvious that you need to spend money, and lots of it, to play "as intended"; even if it wasn't such a large amount of money, players just don't like feeling deceived.

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