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There’s no other city in India that I know of that has quite so much greenery.

I’ve had pleasant experiences with all my drivers and I’ve always felts safe.

I have lived in another big city in India and didn’t feel I could go out after dark.

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After 11 pm in Bangalore it is like a black and white silent movie, there is no action in the picking up girls scene because of the curfew. You want a nice girl; and one stop I recommend on your world-wide quest for your one and only true love (the only quest in life worth anything) is Bangalore, India.

Metaphorically from an women’s perspective, like Cinderella at the ball, their Uber rides turns back into a round pumpkin again because of the curfew. If you live in Bangalore, this post will also help you, as it is packed with specific and up to date places and ways to meet girls in Bangalore.

Eager to find out more about this unique, rapidly-growing metropolitan city, I asked 10 expats living in Bangalore their opinion on what makes Bangalore a great city for expats. “I’m from an IT background so I like that Bangalore has such a great crowd of young IT professionals and the fact that most people speak great English in the workplace makes it so much easier for me to fit in and do my best at work!

” ‘‘I love that Bangalore has so many open spaces and is still very much connected to Nature.

I was even warned by local police to keep my phone zipped in my bag at all times and told by locals to carry pepper spray!

” “Although I’m settled here for work, I still love to travel and feel like I’m on holiday as much as possible.

Cubbon Park is great and there are so many running groups to motivate me to make the most of it whilst I am here.

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