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However, if you thought that then you would be forgetting rule 34 of the Internet: if you can think of it, porn of it exists.

Boob licking is actually a lot more common of an interest than you think it is. As long as one of the people involved has a pair of tits, you’re good to go with boob licking.

Some people like to have their nipples bitten just a little bit, or a lot, but that shouldn’t be confused with licking.

You might think that boob licking is a specific fetish, far too specific to have any porn movies made about it.

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The entire movie collection is keyword searchable, so it is very easy to find exactly what you are looking for in boob licking smut.

If you see a video with some transsexual titty licking you know that those boobs are fake. A pair of fake tits is a beautiful thing and they make a trans woman look even hotter, so why would it be any better or worse than a natural pair of knockers for licking?

Sure, some people might prefer the taste and feel of an all-natural pair but that’s just personal preference.

Boob licking is also a famous lesbian fetish with many women enjoying titty play as much as any guy ever would. Girls like them too and they look so hot holding them in their mouths and having a good time before some hot pussy rubbing, scissoring or strap on play.

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The Japanese porn movies have one caveat - they don’t allow someone to show a cock or a pussy.

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