Sex slave chatbot

Many men might find these questions too invasive, but, given the opportunity to reply anonymously, it turns out Britain’s males have got plenty to say. The biggest cause of death among men under the age of 45 is suicide.he purpose of this article is to introduce a framework and reference architecture that brings together and describes different ideas and approaches to design an intelligent chatbot.This ensures that users have a consistent experience regardless of the channel they use.

The proposed intelligent bot framework is made up of three main building blocks; conversational intelligence, cognitive intelligence and intelligent authentication as detailed below.

It is deployed across all the channels that users interact with, such as messaging applications, mobile applications, phone systems, Web, chat applications and social media.

One model performs text analytics to identify sentiment in chat responses or voice responses by converting voice to text.

Other model performs tone analysis of user’s voice to identify voice patterns which determine emotions in the user’s voice as they speak with the bot.

It also uses the recommendation engine which is a prediction based model to provide personalized recommendations to the user based on historic data, context, behavior etc…AI Capabilities: Set of capabilities that the generative bot is trained to possess which allow the bot demonstrate human like intelligence.

Bot can negotiate with user or on behalf of user with an objective to gain something.AI model that detects the users language and translates between languages to make the bot multilingual, allowing it to chat with users in different languages.Three different AI models that evaluate the sentiment for each response to understand the mood of the users for managing the conversation accordingly or empathizing with them. When the shaving brand Harry’s discovered that men are three times more likely to talk about their emotions via technology than in person, it decided to take an unusual… Many experts in mental health point to a crisis among men that is showing no signs of going away.It understands the user’s questions and responds to frequently asked questions and routes the rest to the appropriate slave bot (retrieval based or generative) for response and to facilitate the required intelligence services or capabilities.

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