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If you do it, it helps you become even more confident.” He admits that a girl would not really share her naked pictures on an open platform but normally sends it to a boyfriend.

However, he thinks they would have an inkling that the photos might be shared.

“There is this ‘revenge’ plot going on by ex-boyfriends,” she trails off.

But why would the girls take the photos in the first place and send them to their boyfriends?

As he swipes through his whole collection, it is evident that some girls look almost shy in the nude pictures, while others are very confident in their racy postures.

“Some girls do it because they are badgered by their boyfriends to send them a picture.

She is naked, leaning against the bathroom sink, one hand faux-covering her bosom and with the other she’s holding her i Phone to take the selfie. “Nude photos of girls always used to be shared but in the past two years, with apps like Snapchat and Instagram, there has been a boom – it’s become very easy to share photos widely,” he says.

“It’s gone ballistic – whoever has a picture of a naked ex-girlfriend in his hard drive is sharing it.” The girls are presumably aged between 18 and 24.“Well maybe they wouldn’t think that they’d be so widely shared,” he says, explaining there are about 100 ‘threads’ – online spaces on apps – where photos of Maltese girls are shared.When a new photo comes in, lads tend to do an active search on Facebook to trace the girl so they can check her profile.On Facebook, the photos they post are milder, but still heavily suggestive: cleavage and legs are always on show, but – perhaps an indicator of their naiveté – their photos are interspersed with photos of their families.As we conclude the conversation, John’s mobile pings again: it’s another set of naked selfies.Although the sharing of explicit material without a person’s consent is a clear breach of data protection, the Data Protection Commissioner has no jurisdiction over websites based in the US.

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