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They’re investigating the full extend of what it means to be a human being.” “Sex and Love” also makes stops in Berlin, New Delhi, Shanghai, Beirut, and Accra, the capital city of Ghana. that began last fall began to generate headlines just as they were finishing up post-production.The subject matter of the series became all the more vital in Amanpour’s view as the #Me Too movement of exposing and condemning sexual misconduct has emerged. The issue of how power is wielded in a sexual context was another subject that came up frequently in her travels, which made Amanpour think hard about the importance of educating youth about what it means to have a healthy sexual relationship.The inspiration for Christiane Amanpour’s new CNN docu-series “Sex and Love Around the World” came from an unusual source.

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“This study shows that our mental lives are pervaded, to a remarkable degree, by the non-present,” Killingsworth said. When describing what they were doing, participants could choose from 22 activities, including walking, eating, shopping, watching TV, commuting and working.

The only activity during which people seemed to be quite good at staying on task mentally was while making love.

Such activities make it easier to stay focused.” For your exams this semester try something new; instead of becoming a hobbit and hiding on the 10th floor of the library try staying social and doing the things you enjoy all year round.

Staying positive and attempting to avoid cluttering your mind with stress is the key goal.

Sex may help some because it’s hard to focus on anything other than that moment of ecstasy (or at least it should be…) and yoga, basketball or maybe even video games is better for some because it helps channel all of your focus into one goal without clouding your mind with your upcoming test. (pats self on the back) I think I deserve a happy-pre studying activity for this post =D What are some tricks you use for studying?

Try activities that keep you positive and stress free before cracking open your course readers. Crack open the condoms before cracking open the course packs… If you’ve actually tried having sex or other activities before studying what were the results?She pitched the concept to fellow CNN star Anthony Bourdain and the producers behind his “Parts Unknown” series, Zero Point Zero Production. All six episodes were directed by female directors from around the world.Each hourlong episode is devoted to Amanpour’s reporting in a specific city, kicking off with Tokyo.One of the most surprising things she discovered in Japan was the level of openness relating to sexual activity before the 19th century, when exposure to Western puritanical values began to seep in.Amanpour found erotic art scrolls from the 18th century that were meant to serve as a manual of sorts for newly married couples.This isn’t another one of those cliched exam prep blog posts that give you the typical a) get rid of distractions and b) theres power in numbers, study in a group – study tips.

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