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“It matters the message that the federal government sends.And so we think it’s important to send some additional messages,” she said.Responses to this survey will help lay the groundwork…

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They started “to think about the many concrete ways people are harmed when our civil rights enforcement agencies shift priorities, cut back, change positions,” said Fatima Goss Graves, the organization’s president and CEO.

Yet at the same time, they were getting an uptick in calls from women reporting harassment and discrimination.

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The past few weeks have been a testament to the direction it wants to take civil rights: blocking an Obama-era equal pay rule, rescinding the Title IX guidance on sexual assault on campus, changing the Department of Justice’s position on gender discrimination, and rolling back the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that employers include contraception in health-care plans without a copay.

“This is a moment when the federal government is in many ways abandoning the field in the fight for women’s legal rights,” said Emily Martin, the NWLC’s vice president for workplace justice.

Shortly after the election, the attorneys and advocates who work at the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) started having a conversation.

It seemed that the incoming Trump administration was likely to move backward on enforcing civil rights, loosening regulations, and dropping enforcement.

Yet other employees were routinely given accommodations and donated sick pay, she claims.

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