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Miss SSC challenges each stu- dent to make the most of ail opportunities open to our race and to all Americans, "Apply yourself fruitfully during your college years." Queen Delores' court, Misses Idella Glover, Nora Williams and Matilda Bryan will accompany her in all her splendor during her glorious reign.Miss Glover, a senior majoring in Chemistry, hails from Savan- nah, Georgia.

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Fussy Baby Site Support Group: This group has over 10,000 members and is a great resource for discussing all things related to fussy babies.

Make It Tips for Special Needs: With 6,000 members, this group is a terrific place to connect with other parents who have special needs children.

The debate topic for this year is Resolved: That the Federal Government should guarantee an opportunity for higher edu- cation to all qualified high school graduates James Brown, president of the Debating Society, contends that the SSC debaters are looking forward to a banner year.

Advisor for the society stated that "The topic itself is very timely.

He completed his junior and senior years at South Carolina State College.

He was awarded the degree of Doctor of Education by New York University in 1956.

Georgia, is employed as an in- structor of Economics.

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