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I am finally holding a relationship with a girl who lives an hour away in the mountains and I love it!

Well, maybe the raising rent will cause the bums to leave? What I’ve gotten out of this thread so far is a young hot woman who gets hit on regularly is concerned about meeting men in Denver , when anywhere she goes in the world she’ll get hit on.

So, i'd meet people who liked that, and they were lovely. The only downside are the bums around here, and the raising rent.

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But like you, I'm not interested in hookup culture i.e. Hinge sort of vets people for you, from what I understand. I keep hearing this, but someone also posted an article somewhere on this forum... about how it's not really the "Menver" thing so much as there are a lot of single women unhappy with the way men generally are in Denver.

People can say what they wish, but if you are not a wealthy person with all types of free time to spend in the mountains doing all the fun activities that an overworked person like me wish he could enjoy, well you are going to find it tough.

I'd say the majority of people I know in relationships met that way.

I think that's a cool attitude to have but I can see how some people would view it as being too casual.

Most of the women I know in the early-mid 20s age bracket are already in serious relationships.

Maybe it's because they're more highly educated, but I don't see a lot of casual hooking up going on.Then we have a couple old codgers who supposedly want a relationship but are more interested in young stuff above all like it’s a coveted reward. so not sure how representative I am of my age group or how representative the women in my cohort are, for that matter.Then we have younger guys who can’t get enough dates because the women in their age group want to hook up with the old codgers because they’re wealthy and have one foot in the grave. LOL Most women I've succesfully dated and fell for were older than me. Moral of the story (mostly for guys tho, but perhaps applicable to OP): It's a city. But a lot of women are in their early 20s because they came straight from undergrad and from my perspective there are a lot in their 20s in serious, my $.02.) Essentially, the article was saying men were too passive and into their outdoor whatever activities and not actively asking women out, and the women here I guess want the guys taking more initiative (in many major cities that's not the case).Now it could also be that the person who wrote that article (don't recall the gender) just has some kind of bias in seeing most men as being overly passive for whatever reason....because it doesn't entirely explain the perception of there being more single men unless it's what I said above - unhappy single men are just more vocal about being unhappily single.I moved here for the lifestyle and found that dating was pretty lit. This is a common attitude in the area overall (dare I say in the state overall?

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