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Even when considering natural areas that are developed with a specific human use in mind, it is important to take account of the principles of Leave No Trace, especially given the increased activity around these vulnerable areas.

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Use common sense and read the room, er, hot spring.

You've missed some great springs in Washington. Public springs can often clean the pool each night, not so the natural ones.

That way you can assess if your insistence on siting in a hot pool of water naked around strangers is worth the risk.

Or on the other hand, one may wish to demonstrate a bit of class and courtesy i.e., when around strangers in close proximity in a hot springs, put on a swimsuit.

To get there, park near the highway and hike three miles down a flat sandy wash.

These popular pools do get busy, so for your best chance at solitude, go for a late night soak and consider camping on the beach below on the edge of the Colorado River.

More importantly, while you do mention to wash off before entering, you do not mention what additional additives, i.e.

Photo: Sydney Martinez, Travel Nevada This post was sponsored by Travel Nevada. This year I’ve written a few articles for the Matador Network about road tripping through Nevada and where to find the best adventures outside of Las Vegas.

In fact, doubly so: the Forest Service, BLM, and other managing agencies lack the resources to properly care for many of these places, and some will close if not taken care of.

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