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It is one to read slowly, maybe even at loud as I have many times to let those words penetrate within the Soul their true meaning, true meaning so rare these days, but one we personally experience on a daily basis.

Ithaka As you set out for Ithakahope the voyage is a long one,full of adventure, full of discovery. Better if it lasts for years,so you are old by the time you reach the island,wealthy with all you have gained on the way,not expecting Ithaka to make you rich.

I would have loved to see the face of the first human seeing it as never before, maybe as much as the first traveler seeing the Grand Canyon. There is a pathway going around the tower which I walked, meaning “I” by myself, as of course being a National Park, again dogs are not allowed. It was an unpaved road passed Scenic where we did stop.

Spirit was however fine, always in the shade in his car providing much “security” for Old Faithful. Scenic with many photos which I will here get back to soon.

I will not wish for the impossible, I will only wish for all my Friends and Loved ones to also remain unharmed by such adverse human elements… Scott Momaday Just some thoughts to maybe nowhere, after a couple truly great rides exploring this part of the country.

if only they would realize their doings, so blatant and so corrosive toward others… “Devil’s Tower” and the “Badlands”, the little town of “Scenic”, population “10”.

“Devil’s Tower”, I can call it a surprise as one rides up and down a bit some mountains, a flat space following, and suddenly here is this “thing” protruding out of the ground.

I am sure and know I am not the only one wanting to know how did this happen?

We do not even live in a neighborhood and the concept of it all mystifies me.

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