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Public meetings of the board are held five to six times per year.

Three of the members must be blind or visually impaired, three must be parents of blind or visually impaired persons, and three must have had experience in working with the blind or visually impaired.

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The Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired is a public school district that provides specialized services that focus on the learning needs of Texas primary and secondary students with visual impairments, including those with additional disabilities. The Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI) was established by the 6th Texas Legislature as the Asylum for the Blind (Chapter CVIII, August 16, 1856).

Records include annual and biennial reports, catalogues and announcements, student records, a teacher certificate register, correspondence (including letterpress books), certificates, procedures and policies manuals, special reports, publications, account ledgers, cash books, and minutes. Also included are records of the Institute for Deaf, Dumb and Blind Colored Youths of the State of Texas dating 1893, 1899, 1925-1965, and 1989. In January 1857, the first student was admitted to the institution.

This three-member board replaced the boards of governors of each of the state's eleemosynary institutions, including the board of trustees of the School for the Blind.

In 1951, the 52nd Legislature placed the School for the Blind under the Board for Texas State Hospitals and Special Schools (House Bill 378, Regular Session).

This land, located at 1100 West 45th Street, was occupied by the school in 1917.

In 1919, the 36th Legislature created the Texas State Board of Control (Senate Bill 147, Regular Session).

With desegregation in 1966, black students were merged with white students in the TSBVI and the Texas School for the Deaf.

The TSBVI is overseen by a nine-member board appointed by the governor for overlapping six-year terms.

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In 1930, orphans began to be admitted to the newly designated Deaf, Dumb and Blind Asylum for Colored Youths and Colored Orphans (House Bill 154, 41st Legislature, 5th Called Session).

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