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The brick central chimney, an exact copy of the original, is new.The John Boardman House is a transitional house with extensive First Period features, built in Saugus ca.

“ 521 Ipswich Rd., Boxford MA, 1782 BOX.57, Amos Perley House, 2 Kelsey Rd, Boxford MA: Built in 773 by Amos Perley. Perley sold the place, which consisted of a house and barn and forty acres of land, to Thomas Butman of Marblehead, whose son of the same name took up his residence in this house.

Here were born several children to him and his wife Sarah. Butman, senior, removed to Tyngsborough, Mass., and in 1793 sold the farm to Thomas Dresser of Boxford.

Performances PM, Wednesday, July 24- outdoors at the Ipswich Riverwalk and Wednesday, July 31 - indoors at the Dolan Performing Arts Center at Ipswich High School. BOX.51, Holyoke – French House, Elm St, 1760: In 1759, two years before his death, Mr. Elizur Holyoke, who was settled over the church here in that year.

The program includes a variety of music based on literary themes. Houses built during the Colonial era in Boxford, Massachusetts. Alcott House, 2 Elm St, 1770: This house was erected by Dr. In that year, he married Anna Porter of Danvers, and commenced the practice of physic in Boxford, where he was born in 1741, being son of Thomas Hale. The next year the old house was taken down and the present one erected by Mr.

He sold the farm to Elisha Gould of Middleton in 1781, and it subsequently was in the hands of a long sequence of different owners.

In 1808 Parson Briggs came from “York, Maine, to be minister of the First Parish, and in 1809 he purchased this house from Enoch Foster, the Parish by that time having moved his furniture to Boxford.

He married, first, Sarah, daughter of Allan Perley, in 1670 and, second, Mary, widow of Thomas Hale of Newbury, in 1695. Nelson, Goodship Research, Ipswich, Massachusetts: “Based on the physical evidence we were able to view on our October site visit, we believe that the Tyler-Wood house, while it may rest on or near the site of an earlier building, is in its earliest iteration, a fine example of Second-Period architecture with several later additions.

Originally a gabled two-story structure with a central chimney and hall/parlor plan, its eighteenth century origins are most clearly demonstrated by the undisturbed Georgian paneling and bolection molding of its two floor bedrooms, both of which retain their original intact fireboxes.

Elvin French, the well-known musician, then residing in Lowell but who was born in this house, being son of Benjamin French. French has put in new timbers, new windows and doors, and repaired it all through, but in such a manner as to allow all that is interesting in it to remain.

BOX.64, Sawyer House, 21 Endicott Rd, Boxford MA r 1715: The Sawyer House, built in the first quarter of the 18th century, may have begun as a single-cell house that was enlarged to a 5-bay, central chimney, lobby-entrance, two-story, double-cell structure, as the principal rafters show evidence of collars on only the left side for the principal and purlin system. Kimball conveyed the farm to Abijah Northey, jr., a merchant of Salem, in 1814. Northey resided here until 1835, when he sold out to Samuel Groce, another mer chant of Salem, who lived here till 1837.

This place then came into the possession of Amos Perley, who removed to Buxton, Me., at the beginning of the 19th century.

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