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Two attempts at counting the vote were made according to Beidler.The first people voting 'hang' were to walk up-hill while those voting 'no hang' were to walk down-hill.

Roads and trails leading to Alder Gulch included the Bozeman and Bridger Trails connecting to the Oregon Trail from the east, the Mullan Road from points west and from Fort Benton, Montana the head of navigation on the Missouri River and the Corinne Road from Corinne, Utah and points south.

Additionally, there was a single track, 70-mile (110 km) stage road that connected Alder Gulch with Bannack. Stagecoaches had to stop at several different ranches during the trip to water and change horses, feed passengers and provide overnight lodging.

Beidler recalled a murder trial in the Virginia City miners' court in his memoirs. The other two, Buck Stinson and Haze Lyons, were convicted and set to be the first men executed in what would become the state of Montana.

The trial recalled by Beidler occurred in the fall of 1863. However, at what would be a very public hanging friends and sympathizers of Stinson and Lyons convinced the crowd to vote again on the execution.

When confronted with a major crime such as murder, they usually proved ineffective at resolving the crime to the satisfaction of the community.

While there are not many accounts of early courts in Alder Gulch, probably due to their informality and short existence, John X. The trial was held outside, due to the fact that every resident took part. The first, Charley Forbes, was freed after he gave an eloquent and sentimental speech about his mother.

Langford estimated that at least 102 travelers were killed by robbers in the fall of 1863.

Many more travelers left the region and were never heard from again.

Formal territorial law reached Alder Gulch in late 1864 with the arrival of Territorial Judge Hezekiah L.

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