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SAFE’s Expect Respect® Program was one of the first and most comprehensive prevention programs in the U. Its team of 16 counselors and educators serves over 14,000 students each year through a variety of programs and services.

Expect Respect also provides curriculum and training to help other communities replicate the program.

Check out highlights from Alex and Lawrence’s Ranch 616 chat by clicking here. As a single woman, that means the odds are ever in your favor.

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Recognize that interpersonal violence, like other forms of harassment and discrimination, has no place in today’s world.

Join other teens throughout the country who are changing the culture for the better.

Adolescence is an ideal time to intervene to break the cycle of domestic violence and to prevent dating violence.

The most effective approaches use multiple strategies to engage youth and the important adults in their lives including parents, teachers and coaches.

Survivors experience higher rates of physical and mental health issues, unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, eating disorders, substance abuse, and suicide.

Youth who witness or experienced violence (at home or in their relationships) are at increased risk for victimization and perpetration of violence in future relationships.

Alex Williamson, Bumble’s queen bee for all things social media, sat down for a chat at Ranch 616 with a representative of Austin’s XY factor, Lawrence Nourzad.

We learned a list of dating dos and don’ts, some surprising recommendations on where to find that special someone and the best places to dance it out.

Sure, they date, and they have a lot of fun meeting people.

But the women I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know aren’t going to be quick to settle because of societal pressures to be married by a certain age. We live in this city because we are all too socially liberal for that way of thinking.

There are massive amounts of people to meet in Austin, but it’s hard to get outside of your circle to meet people.

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