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I can't praise the company enough for everything they have done for my company. But then Believe me, Engati is BAE (Before anyone else).The Engati team is eager to differentiate and offers a great customer experience. ‒Samuel Udoh Kick Up I really liked the platform, I tried other options to create a bot or prototypes and were insufficient The best for me, was the possibility to "train" the software with your own needs. ‒DARIO REYES REINA Consultant MINTIC Think Tanks Engati has the potential to become one of the leading commercial chatbot platforms in the world.

‒Vidit Gupta Web Designer Webarch Simple though powerful bot building platform.

I like how the platform works around simplicity that provides easier way to learn and work to build bots.

Leverage the power of Engati’s conversation builder. Conversation modeling made simpler - Engati’s philosophy of “Simply intelligent” is applied in the design of conversation building to make bot building a breeze. Contextual Conversations Most bot platforms provide for point to point answer to specific questions without maintaining context.

Now make “intelligent” bots with the ability to maintain context across a flow of questions.

Leverage the power of machine learning, NLP & NLU to design your very own chatbot.

Get started with Conversation Modeler The best in the business.

Since launching Genies, Blend has consistently ranked and remains on the top 200 charts for both Apple’s social networking chart and Google Play’s photography chart.

“Genies represent the future of chatbots tailored to millennials,” said Akash Nigam, CEO of Blend, in a statement.

Since that time, Genie chatbots have held more than 2 million conversations with 300,000 new users.

Pornhub is an ad-supported adult video streaming website with 3 million videos and more than 60 million visitors a day. Corey Price, vice president at Pornhub, said that Pornhub Aria has been the face and voice of the brand for more than two years now.

Genies are powered by Blend’s “Viral Throttler,” a robust mechanism that detects viral content before it goes viral, ensuring users always receive the freshest news, updates, and posts.

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