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On top of that, we use various other minor ranking criteria.

Our independent casino review team members read everything they are able to find on the internet.

They read all forums, mediation websites or reviews posted by real users. Any case that falls foul of our fair gambling codex is summarized in our casino review.

It’s not an easy task to judge who was right in the case of complaints which remain unresolved.

But in the end, we usually get an impression of how the casino treats its players.

My basic formula for the casino reputation rating considers the: Yes, it does.

For casinos with a long track record it can take up to 20 hours.The list of casinos you can see here is our best guess for casinos which may suit your needs and preferences.At first, we intentionally omit casinos which don’t accept players from your country. Secondly, we display casinos which we know are a great fit for a certain country in the top positions.Thirdly, we prefer casinos which are localized to your native language or offer customer support in that language.Communication in a native language is, for many players, a more comfortable experience, and if a casino is localized, it will more likely understand the specific needs of players from your country.We put a lot of effort into having our casino database up to date, including the countries from which each casino accepts players.

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