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She never indulged in any sort of chat with me and completely ignoring my presence.

[read more="Read more"] I had seen Nandhini breastfeed her baby sitting on our sofa in the living room, but she was careful enough to cover her breasts modestly with her saree pallu.

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She had just taken a bath and was looking gorgeous and glowing in a blue saree.

My heart was pounding as I followed her in the living room.

But Nandhini smiled back at me and said “It is the age of yours to do that but………, Rajesh”.

“Please Chechi, don’t tell my mom about this, I beg you, I should have not done that and I am really sorry about that” I pleaded with her.

The Malayali wife ( Nandhini) became very close to my mom and she use to come often to speak to her.

She was a sex bomb in the most literal sense in spite of being 34 years old .

At that point, I was completely blank out of fear of my parents and couldn’t even respond to her properly .

All I could say was,” I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, I’m really, really sorry …

I had forgotten to close my bedroom windows as the room was very warm and was jerking my cock using the DND masturbator which I has purchased from Thats

I usually take about 2 to 3 hours of jerking and watching porn to reach climax and to release my cum.

now my heart really sank, my face became flush and I felt like I was about to throw up.

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