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Junior and his father have a close if not quirky relationship.Admittedly, Senior's hobby of villainy strained the relationship, with Senior wanting his son to partake in the villainous activity.They eventually returned to being on opposite sides, though just as his father does, Junior tends to view Kim more as an occupational occurrence, rather than an actual enemy.

Likewise, Bonnie had just been dumped by Brick Flagg, and wanted to meet "a regular, normal, shallow hottie, preferably not too bright".

Junior met Bonnie during her Senior Homecoming week when she accompanied Team Possible on a mission.

His dream is to become a pop star, although he has no musical talent. He cannot sing, and initially was about an even match for Ron in a fight despite being physically extremely muscular.

However, he eventually developed great fighting skills in a short period under Shego's tutelage, showing that he was simply lacking proper training or real desire to fight.

They first met when Shego was hired to tutor Junior in villainy so Junior and Senior could share a bond.

Instead, Shego and Junior ended up becoming friends and Junior a more competent villain.

Junior and his father live on a fairly intimidating private island in the Bay of Biscay off the coast of Europe.

Kim first encountered them when Junior's giant tanning lamp caused rolling blackouts across Western Europe.

Upon going to their island and realizing that Senior had no evil intent, she gave him a lecture and pamphlets about energy conservation and let him be.

Unfortunately, during that same encounter, Ron commented that several features of Senior's island bore strong resemblance to a villainous lair, and gave him more suggestions for making his home more villain-worthy, such as adding spinning tops of doom, self-activating lasers, a speedboat for quick escapes, etc.

It was essentially love at first sight for both, and they remained together through her graduation.

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