when he gets scared dating - Sedating a puppy for air travel

If so, leave Zippy home with a pet sitter he knows and likes.

Spring has sprung, at least in my quadrant of the globe, and with spring come vacation travel plans.

If you’re traveling by plane to someplace where a dog might have a good time, you might be wondering whether you should bring Dogalini.

Families come in all shapes and sizes and so should your travel.

Customize your flights and only pay for what your family needs!

However, you should never sedate your puppy unless you first talk to your vet -- in many cases, sedation is dangerous.

Also, because puppies have small bladders, you might end up with a mess if your flight is long.

Others, like Jet Blue, don't have a minimum age requirement.

However, keep in mind that puppies younger than 8 weeks might have trouble eating or sleeping on their own, without mom around, and might cry and disturb the other passengers during the flight.

If you’re not ruling out air travel altogether, take the following into account.

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