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It is never a good idea to get involved with a person is who closely related. Second-cousins are okay to date, still wierd, but okay. Chances are, they are smart and would agree that it is not okay to date a cousin. If you have a third cousin twice removed, you are that person's third cousin twice removed.You could damage your relationship with them along with your family. Your second cousin is someone whose grandparent was the sibling of one of your parents.

The exact number of third cousins that a given person could possibly have depends on so many things.

How many people in the generations before them had children, how many children those people had, how many survived, and how many descendants they have (and how many of those people have surviving children).

ItÍs never okay to date any of your family members. Your fourth cousin is the child of your third cousin who is the child of your second cousin who is the child of your first cousin who is the child of your Aunt or Uncle on either your mother or father side. Having children with a close relative is another matter entirely.

You need to go to your family reunions so you know who your family is. On the other hand, a so-called "step cousin" is not really rel ted to you at all. If you have a second cousin, you are that person's second cousin.

The grandchild of your parent's first cousin in the child of your second cousin and thus your second cousin, once removed.

If you are starting with your parent's second cousin, then the grandchild is your third cousin, once removed.

Your parent's second cousin, once removed is your second cousin, twice removed. You can date anyone you want, as long as your parents don't object.

Having sex with a close cousin in not accepted in many, but not all, places.

If you are the closest, and the relative in question is the grandchild of your third cousin, then you and your relative are third cousins twice-removed.

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