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Therefore, already the first sentence suddenly appears in a sarcastic tone if we take in consideration that this “universally acknowledgement” rather seems like Mrs Bennet’s own acknowledgement, or even more: her desire.One could argue that Mrs Bennet resulting presents a character that is caricatured in order to be laughed about, as Kalil also states in her note on Pride and Prejudice.

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This is also the reason why Mrs Bennet does not mind her second eldest daughter, Elizabeth, getting married to Mr Collins, her husband’s cousin and clergyman, who will hire the house the Bennet family lives in.

Actually, Mrs Bennet finds Mr Collin “odious” (46), “hypocritical” (46) and a “false friend” (46), and therefore he would under no circumstance be a good party for her Elizabeth, but the fact of him being the hire of Longbourne, makes her allow him to propose to Elizabeth.

When she was discontented she fancied herself nervous.

The business of her life was to get her daughters married; its solace was visiting and news” (3).

” Actually, Jane Austen is perfectly able to produce this kind of wit and uses it to produce sarcasm as the novel goes on, as will be discussed later.

As a reader of Pride and Prejudice, the opening sentence might seem straight forward at first sight and in no way arguable.However her status in society and her living situation completely changes this view.As a loving mother, who has in mind, that her daughters will never be able to hire the house they live in, she naturally would have no other thought than marrying her daughters to a man in “good fortune” who will be able to afford a home for both of them.Lady Catherine especially shows her arrogant character in many passages of the novel: She is aware of her higher rank and therefore believes that she owns the right of correcting everyone and controlling the lives of those around her (Ernst.20) Nevertheless, many passages can be found, which illustrate how opposed Jane Austen was to the character she herself created, which she expresses trough sarcasm.” (50) Of course, this description is being focalized by Mr Collins and is not a characterisation by the omniscient narrator – the implied author.

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