Santana dating brittany glee

We love how these two are able to lift each other up on a giant pedestal and only have eyes for each other. Rachel and Puck were known as "Puckleberry" in the world of fanfiction and on the show.

Although there was some decent chemistry between these two characters who both shared a kindship due to their Jewish upbringings, they ultimately didn't seem like a lasting pair.

They lifted each other up and worked hard to help each other grow.

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Rachel and Jesse started off on the wrong foot when he cracked an egg on her head, yet as time progressed, the two matured into the ultimate power couple.

Perhaps the incredible chemistry between these two had something to do with the actors who portray the characters.

Rachel was ambitious and unconventional while Puck cared way too much about his social status.

We can't really picture the two growing old together, yet their friendship throughout the series was touching enough.

But one of the things that Artie and Tina were a short-lived couple at the beginning of the series. When Kurt was struggling throughout high school as the only gay kid out of the closet, Blaine showed up as a beacon of light for Kurt.

The two had little to no chemistry, and their entire relationship was built on lies. Blaine openly loved Kurt and vice versa, both unafraid to get vulnerable and honest with each other throughout their relationship. Remember when Quinn tried to convince Finn that he got her pregnant because they made out in a hot tub once? Trapping someone into thinking they're the father of your unborn child when it's really the result of sleeping with his best friend isn't exactly what you'd call "couple goals".The two prove that even if someone is your childhood sweetheart, as sweet as it is, people grow apart. Their relationship started off as a bit of a humorous running gag, yet slowly over time, their feelings for each other began to intensify.They started off as best friends and stayed best friends throughout.Later on in the series, the two remained friends with no hard feelings. But as you and about 20 mortified shoppers saw, I'm not very good at romance. Sue marrying herself meant that sometimes you don't need another person to complete you or make you feel loved.Sometimes you can feel complete just by loving yourself, and that is what she does best.You're my girlfriend, we are endgame, I know that you know that.

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