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08/29/2015patricia (van dyke) smith - Grand Island resident since 1956, Sidway class of 1961.08/28/2016Judith (Richter) Corson - GIHS class of 1975, now resides in Rainier, WA.

After all, they have barely met before they fall in love and decide to get married, and then Claudio betrays Hero viciously.

But the idea of love at first sight was popular in Shakespeare's day.

Beaver Island, the Falls, Family, our home, I want to see it all again!

03/16/2015Derek Arnold - Grand Island resident: 1981 - 1993, GIHS class of 1986, now resides in Wymore, NE.03/14/2015Lila Munson - Grand Island resident: 1955 - 1966, GIHS class of 1966, now resides in Dallas, TX.

Romeo and Juliet, for instance, fall in love at first sight.

Moreover, Claudio's methods of courting Hero through other people would have been an accepted tactic among Elizabethan…

During the last elimination round where the final five contestants were chosen, Sandara made Philippine history by garnering approximately 500,000 text votes, making her the first female to garner that much SMS support.

Kasama ang tatlong nabanggit pang talents ay binuo sila bilang 2NE1 na hit na hit ngayon sa Korea at sa buong Asya.), better known by her stage name Dara, is a South Korean singer, actress and host.

Not to mention some of the crazy stuff we used to do.

03/20/2016Larry Wright - Grand Island resident: 1972 - 1976, GIHS class of 1976, now resides in Mattydale, NY.03/18/2016Helena (Kovacs) Brierton - Grand Island resident since 2003, GIHS class of 1976.

Sandara, his fellow "questor", was a constant attachment to his name, which Angeles said, eventually proved detrimental to the health of his career. " She just looked at me and said, "I don't like you." I said, "Why? There were so many projects lined up like commercials and stuff, then suddenly she left in a snap."Hero sought to salvage his solo career with ABS-CBN, but the alleged mishandling of his showbiz engagements by his brother and manager Henry only served to aggravate the situation.

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