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I’ve heard Al Gore took credit for it, but I’d sooner believe it was Larry Flynt.

Sex and the Internet are marching hand-in-hairy-hand into the new Millennium.

They are your wives, your girlfriends, your sisters, and your mothers. Stephen King’s been getting away with it for years!

(Not my mother, thank God, but I’m sure I’ve cybered once or twice with yours.) With that in mind, this manual is also designed to offer the women eager to join your mothers on the Internet pointers on how to make themselves more attractive to me...oops, I mean..the men they’ll meet online. If you bought this book thinking there would be a deep psychological study on the effects of cybersex on modern relationships, you’re going to be bitterly disappointed.

But if I accomplish nothing else with this book (and believe me, I won’t) I want to at least debunk what I believe to be the biggest myth about cybersex: that it’s just a bunch of balding, fat men pretending to be lesbians chatting with other balding, fat men pretending to be lesbians. Now, I’m not saying you should believe everything someone tells you online, I’ll discuss in future chapters how to hone your bullshit-detection skills, but you should not immediately assume everyone you’re talking to is wearing their Star Trek uniforms while their mother calls to them through the locked basement door to wash up for dinner. Remember: everyone who owns a computer has had cybersex at least once. I can’t believe you fell for one of the oldest sales ploys in the publishing industry.

I admit those losers are out there,* but it doesn’t begin to address the real issue: they’re not all balding. There really are women on the Internet, and they do engage in cybersex. Just think for a moment about all the people you know who recently brought home new computers. Throw the word “sex” in the title and you’ve got a million-seller on your hands!

If you are having trouble logging into the room, please make sure that you have updated your browser to the latest available.

This chat room is fully compatible with all mobile and tablet devices.

Whether you are a man or a woman, though (or just a man who prefers for people to think he’s a woman), keep in mind the people you’re going to cyber with are ordinary people like you and me. I’m really stretching the definition of “ordinary” here, I know.) The people you’re going to chat with are your neighbors. This author can barely spell “psychological,” and always pronounces it with a hard “puh” sound.

And if you bought this book thinking there would be a lot of lines and numbers and pictures of cats, then you were in the wrong aisle altogether.

I believe this primer is necessary because, quite frankly, some of you idiots are wasting my limited time online with your lame-ass questions.

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