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Through a combination of heart to heart talks, image make-overs and dating exercises, Samantha pushes her clients to be their best.

She has also penned the popular "Dating Diva" blog and is a nationally syndicated dating columnist, having been published in Forbes, Fox Business, and Yahoo News, among others.

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I remembered the copycat acts that ricocheted through the country, the bomb scares, the death threats.

I remembered the social ostracization faced by kids who wore trench coats, who liked heavy metal, who dyed their hair twice a week and had so many piercing one couldn't help wondering which one hurt the most.

It was a short period of time—and I eventually got through it—but it happened. Plenty of people don't even see theater, let alone believe in it.

But when you've been loving something with your entire existence for your whole life, doubting it is not only upsetting, it's debilitating. My time was divided between a rigorous international relations program and a directing class.

My character is Susan Smith, a young mother who drowned her children in 1994 by rolling her car into a lake, her two small boys strapped inside in their car seats.

My job as an actress is to tell her story, to explain through her words and actions, through her moments, how a mother could kill her own children, as Susan was neither evil nor insane.

And doing this show, living onstage as this character, has caused me to have a lot of questions, all which boil down to one thing: How could this woman have been prevented from doing this?

Can we, as a society help single mothers cope with their difficult situations, financially and otherwise, and feelings of frustration? Can we prevent girls so young from having babies and keeping them?

Unfortunately, what I wanted to do never foreshadowed what actually got done, as I had the misfortune to work with several cocky actors.

(Not my choice.) After spending several hours trying to turn a caustic junior into a sanguine Ophelia, I would be exhausted. And wondering why all my energy was going into trying to turn a snotty bitch into Ophelia when it could be going into saving the world.

I still don't think that all theatre serves a higher purpose.

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