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The only thing that they did was fix Spencer's kitchen counter.

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Gibby once stayed with Spencer at his apartment, along with his little brother Guppy Gibson, when he was too old to go to summer camp anymore.

He lived with Spencer for part of the summer for a makeship summer camp called "Camp Spencer".

(bizarre_reason on Response to froggycait1102 - Sam finds Gibby crying in the park. But when she ends up alone with him, she may have to deal with her feelings.

Written by Hugsand Bugs Smileyface i Think I Like Him - Sam Puckett didn't want to admit she liked Gibby Gibson.

They have had a couple subplots together, one notable interaction between the two being the time he exercised with him, Spencer wanting to get on a football team.

Also, when Spencer won a boat, Gibby became his "boat boy." When a baseball team called "The Pirates" took over the boat, they eventually had to drive the team away by shooting watermelons at them with a giant sling shot, soon succeeding.They declared themselves "bros" afterwards and have hung out together on several occasions since then.Later, in i Goodbye, Freddie goes with Gibby to get another scan of his head, as he lost his other one in i Lost My Head in Vegas.Freddie once made Gibby angry because Gibby thought Freddie and Tasha, Gibby's girlfriend, kissed each other when they actually fell by accident, and he trained for a fight he was going to have with Freddie.Soon, he saw a video of what really happened, taped from the camera that was intended to record rotting peanut butter jelly, and he apologized to Freddie.As the show went on and Gibby got older, he grows out of taking off his shirt so much.

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