Sagittarius man and libra woman dating

She values commitment to love over and above perhaps anyone else in the zodiac, and she is desperate for a long term relationship.

Sagittarius man and libra woman dating

The couple do share some intellectual bonds – the Sagittarius man is a highly intelligent and philosophical being, and the Libra woman, being an air sign, also deals in intellect and ideas.

In their own ways, both partners are highly idealistic too – that’s why the Sagittarius man is on an eternal quest for “something better” in life, and why the Libra woman is always looking for her absolutely perfect partner.

With a shared love of fun, exploration and putting new ideas into action, this couple will push the boundaries in more ways than one.

But of course, two of the same star sign getting together in a relationship always brings a fair few complications – niggles that neither partner will want to face up to.

Professional astrologers tend to try and see instances of two of the same star sign dating one another on a case by case basis.

There are other factors in the birth charts of each individual that make them distinct from one another, after all – yet also plenty of similarities to explore.

Get a head start on those with this analysis of Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility – the definitive guide to this feisty pairing.

While it’s safe to say that this star sign is not the most stereotypically romantic in the zodiac, Sagittarius people are nonetheless endlessly fun to be around, and always happy to know that their actions mean something fulfilling to others.

It can sound a little monstrous at first, but Sagittarius is of no mind to harm anyone.

In fact, they balk at the thought of anyone being hurt or wounded in life’s big journey – instead, the spirit of the centaur here represents strength, freedom and a piercing need to uncover the truth.

She’ll enjoy being swept off her feet, but as the relationship matures, she’d probably rather have a good debate than a bedroom tryst.

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