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) – who makes up for his lack of ever having had sex by, well, dressing like a twink bottom on the way to Boysroom. For the first time ever on the show, a transgendered person lives in the house. after he confesses that not only he’s gay, but his father was horribly abusive and his family life growing up was a living hell.

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On the ride back to the house, Katelynn comes out to Baya and tells her about being a transgender.

Katelynn also tells Baya that she doesn’t plan on revealing herself to Chet or JD.

‘s Scott Herman: “I tell my friends all the time, because they automatically assume that if someone’s gay they’re gonna get hit on, and when my friends are ignorant and say stuff like that, I go, ‘You know, people, even if they’re gay, they still have standards.

They’re not going to be just attracted to you ’cause you’re a dude and they’re gay. Herman absolutely meets — and exceeds — our standards.

Abs remains adorably clueless that Katelynn is transgendered.

He also pretty much spends all of his time in the gym.

JD then decides to confront Chet but Chet still denies ever going through JD’s things.

Baya brings Katelynn and Sarah to a dance class that she finds as she starts to pursue her dream of dancing in the city.

, right down to the long-hair constantly covering her face and the crippling lack of self-esteem. Ordonez, so obviously its a vicious, vicious lie, but we’re going with it anyway, since we’ve been talking about it before J. The tiny Tom Hanks voice in our head screams, “There’s no crying in baseball!

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