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Then they usually come and try the food at my store.” As we mentioned in our previous article on Swedish Wedding Traditions, a typical Swedish wedding will commence with a speech.

For this reason many caterers will recommend a cold starter, usually consisting of cured meats, cheeses and fresh veggies.

Marrying a foreigner became a usual thing in Russia.

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In our 3rd installment of Swedish Weddings we delve into what you might find on a typical Swedish wedding menu: The Swedish palate is certainly interesting.

Swedes preference in food is often fresh, clean and simplistic, but it does have its cringe-worthy surprises.

As a rule fish, unless it’s salmon, is not recommended because long-running speeches could cause the fish to be overcooked.

Desserts tend to be quite small since guests will usually be served a piece of the wedding cake with coffee and avec.

According to Henrik most Swedish couples try to do as much as they can themselves for the dinner, because it is often one of the biggest expenses.

To save money couples may choose an inexpensive place to hold the dinner, hire a caterer and purchase the wine and drinks themselves.

Swedish style is very simplistic so naturally this influences their decorative style of wedding cakes.

Not often will you find the bride and groom figures on the cake.

The week before the wedding required round-the-clock work on the cake.

According to Conrad the average Swede will spend 49 SEK per piece on their wedding cake and normally the cake is served out completely with no left overs.

“” According to Conrad a popular cake order right now is chocolate brownie with raspberry and chocolate mousse with icing made from sugar paste and butter.

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