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However, if there is a reason you need this then I recommend creating a suggestion in the support center. I need to allow or prevent editing at runtime, not using a design-time feature like this...

I've tried to see if the grid (like the Grid View) had a settings to control if it can Edit, Insert, Update, Delete, etc. It seems that I'll have to try to hide the command buttons themselves.. Felipe, Because you'll need to define custom logic as when an editor linkbutton should not be displayed, we don't add it as a standard feature, sorry.

Simply click on the Advanced Button when you're on the ' Configure the Select Statement' dialog. Note: If you've enabled editing in the ASPx Grid View but your Data Source doesn't contain these commands then you'll likely see an error like this when trying to edit: To remove this error message you can: In both cases you'll want to intercept the data changing event as soon as the button is clicked.

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Now you're Data Source should look something like this: Delete Command="DELETE FROM [Customers] WHERE [Customer ID] = ? So to create your own error message simply throw an exception from the event like so: Do you need to manually update your own data without going through the Data Source?

" Insert Command="INSERT INTO [Customers] ([Customer ID], [Company Name], [City], [Country]) VALUES (? Then you'll need to use the Row Updating method again.

Result: An error is displayed and the combobox loses its value.

In your situation, values of the combobox are numbers, and values of the "Customer Name" column are strings.

I tried to use your solution, but the code is all over the place and I can't get it working on my project.

In the current situation, I suggest that you check the following moments:1) The Value Field of a combobox should correspond to the combobox column.

Introduction : This Blog demonstrates the events of Dev Express Grid View Control. Focused Row Handle : Specifies the focused row's handle.

Grid Control supports single row selection,multiple row selection and multiple cell selection modes. This property allows we to get the focused and selected row.

Selected Rows Count: Returns the number of the currently selected rows. Get Selected Rows : Returns an array of the handles of the selected rows. Focused Row Changed : Fires in response to changing row focus. void Data Grid Control_Columns Populated(object sender, Dev Express.

void Data Grid Control_Custom Column Display Text(object sender, Dev Express.

Hashtable copied Values; protected void grid_Custom Button Callback(object sender, ASPx Grid View Custom Button Callback Event Args e) protected void grid_Init New Row(object sender, Dev Express.

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