Ron and hermione dating fanfic tiara marie dating

I have listed below only my favorite stories dated 2002-2005.I hope that you all enjoy the same type of fics that I do!-rating- PG » Need and Want -author- Chocolate Frogs For Breakfast -recommended by- Kate J and Ren -type- Romance -summary- Just before the sixth year of school begins, Harry comes to a realization in an unlikely way. -rating- PG » Pieces -author- Parker Gray -recommended by- T and Kate J -type- Romance -summary- A short look at pieces of HHr's relationship. ) -type- Romance -summary- While unsure of their feelings toward each other, Harry agrees to pose as Hermione's boyfriend in order to help Hermione through a tough situation. -type- Romance/Humour -summary- Harry gets an accidental taste of Hermione's lips and, during a Hogsmeade visit, buys a bag of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. -rating- NC-17 » In Front of the Light -author- Parker Gray -recommended by- JDowding and Kate J -type- Romance -summary- Hermione is nervous to sleep with Harry.

One day, while playing, Ron presents Harry with a difficult choice: Cho..Hermione?

-rating- PG » Expecting -author- granger -recommended by- Kate J -type- Humor -summary- Post-Hogwarts.

-rating- NC-17 » A Darkened Doorway -author- Cheering Charm -recommended by- Kate J and Narami -type- Romance -summary- Set post-Hogwarts, while on assignment, Harry and Hermione realize their "friendly" feelings are much more.

-rating- R » Being Boring -author- Jetso -recommended by- Kate J and Ren -type- Romance -summary- Hermione thinks about her somewhat ordinary life with Harry. -rating- PG » Seeking Hermione's Bean -author- Romulus Lupin -recommended by- Kate J and ? -rating- NC-17 » Duel -author- grnshields -recommended by-Crimson Templar -type- Romance/Smut -summary- It was only supposed to be a simple demonstration.

-rating- R » Which Witch -author- Firenzie -recommended by- Kate J -type- Humor -summary- 'Which Witch?

' is a game that basically consists of naming two girls and asking which the other boy would rather kiss, date, marry, and so on.

I was bored and wanted Harry to apologize for some of his OOt P behavior.

» An Assault On the Senses -author- akscully -recommended by- Kate J -type- Humor -summary- Ron gets sick and tired of watching Harry and Hermione pass glances at each other in the hallways.

-rating- R » It's Just Pretend -author-Harrys Mistress -recommended by-Kate J -type- Drama -summary-Hermione got both herself and Harry in quite a jam. Harry agrees to help Hermione, after just pretend...isn't it?

-rating- R » The Christmas Party -author-napalmnacey -recommended by- Kate J -type- Humor, Romance -summary- Christmas has hit Hogwarts in Harry's final and seventh year, and it's up to Ron to organize the Christmas Party to beat all Christmas Parties.

-rating- PG-13 » And Suddenly -author- Parker Gray -recommended by- Dave -type- Romance -summary- A startling announcement one night leads Hermione to re-evaluate the relationships in her life.

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