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They don’t cut themselves off from other experiences, but at that time in their relationship they decide to focus on one aspect of it. But it can be a very happy relationship, if it is genuinely based on one role.

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An interview with Joanna Dulińska, psychologist, psychotherapist and supervisor at the Process Oriented Psychology Institute (Instytut Psychologii Procesu).

A conversation about what roles are needed in a relationship, how to make changes in a relationship, why people cheat on each other, and many, many other important issues.

Then it’s good to remember that other people can perform some aspect of this role.

You can ask a sister, nanny, housekeeper, friend, other mothers, school teacher, etc.

It’s never the case that they only have a positive side.

Let’s go back for a moment to the first question: “why is it a good thing to draw on the potential of each role? Moving from role to role smoothly is the most useful approach.To sum up: for a role to be performed completely, more than one person is needed, but also each person needs to be in more than one role in life. I would simply say that they are generally important roles in close relationships between people.However, a relationship can be very happy if both sides consciously and congruently decide to fulfil one of these roles.If somebody identifies with only one of the roles they perform, they may reject or marginalize characteristics and behaviors which don’t belong to that role.For example – if a woman is very focused on the role of wife, on ensuring stability in her relationship with her husband, taking care of the house, etc., then she is less able to focus on her relationships with her children, for example, or on the role of lover or friend.Agnieszka Serafin: You said recently that in a relationship it’s very important for people to draw on the potential that lies in various roles – that of a wife, mother, lover or husband, father, lover. Joanna Dulińska: These are important roles in close relationships between people.

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