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Both men and women were equally inclined to include some kind of closing, but men were much more likely to use just their name, while women were almost twice as likely to include a “thanks” or other softening addition.

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Maybe it would be better if this were the "reel" world and not the "real world". this is certainly a film that shows true realities of how the u.n. WE WILL FIGHT TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL ALWAYS. I, along with many other Americans, wish we would get out of the UN and get the UN out of the US.

If only the US would quit this worthless organization and ship its headquarters overseas somewhere else.

“It isn’t that men are necessarily more cold or businesslike, but that they are apt to be more comfortable representing themselves that way rather than seemingly giving someone who might be a mere acquaintance a glimpse into their true selves.

I think women are more comfortable seemingly erasing those boundaries.”And there’s the rub—the feeling that my slide into this form of intimacy wasn’t altogether .

If Mike Pompeo’s recent email to his State Department employees is anything to go by—“Keep on crushing it”, he wrote—the penultimate line of an email is an opportunity for burly encouragement, not feminine demurral.

Was each closing of my correspondence depleting the impact of everything that had come before?

That work has been criticized in the years that followed, but it’s also hard to ignore its impact.

(See here, and here, and here for the endless fascination with the girlishness of the exclamation point.)And something about Lakoff’s theory rings true for me in 2018 when I consider my reliance on , researchers found that women at one company were much more likely to act “polite” in email correspondence.

A midnight stopping point was considered a triumph; more often I found myself staring down the single digits of the clock as the production manager and I huddled over the final proofs.

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