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I remember I was 6 at that time and I wrote in my diary that when I grew up, I would meet my Mr. Perhaps I had watched too many Disney princess movies! Right was soon crushed when my mum read my diary and my parents gave me a stern talking to. Shortly after the divorce, she was seeing a married man, a very rich married man.She basically brought me up with the idea that I needed to find a rich man so that I would be all set for life. Because not only will you be certified as a love coach but you will also be equip with the knowledge on how to set up and start a business.He wasn’t ready to jump into another relationship; but I was. Although I thought I was in a relationship ( I admit! This is a win-win situation for those who want to start a business that is focused on helping people transform their lives with love.

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Perhaps you are going through a bad patch in your current relationship and you don't know what to do or perhaps you're still waiting for your TRUE LOVE to appear.

Whatever the reason is, you may just find your answers here.

This video was recorded as part of a ‘Presentation Skills’ course I attended in March 2016.

It came from the heart, so I decided to share it raw.

The opportunity of redundancy came up in 2012 and I have never looked back.

I started working for myself and set up events for single professionals on the South Coast.Accepting help is often the first step of the process and probably the hardest.We all need a little support at times to push us in the right direction and eventually get the results that we want so much.Probably because of my own journey and life experience.I found in my previous working life that most people would at some point come to me for advice.Many people mistake me as a dating coach but I don't teach people how to date.

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