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We've listed the dates that the different UK car registration letters or digits (known as year identifiers) were released.This information will help you plan which private car registrations are sutiable for your car.Below is a table showing all the registrations over the years Prior to February 1963 these were the type of number plates issued to new vehicles in mainland Great Britain.

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If the registrations weren't salvaged before the vehicle was written off, then they are lost along with the vehicle.

With registrations being issued as far back as 1903, that means an awful lot of very desirable plates have faded away to nothing and, once issued, the DVLA will not re-issue the same registration again.

current style, prefix and suffix numbers), you can only display that plate on a vehicle of equal age or newer.

For example, if you purchase a 60 current style registration, it can only go onto a vehicle that was first registered as new on or after 1st September 2010.

Having said that, there are a surprising number of these ancient dateless registrations - complete with their own history stretching back over 100 years - that remain available today from their original issue.

These really are the cream of the crop when it comes to private registrations and deserving of the name 'cherished' as they truly must be to have survived for so long.

And with far fewer characters than the standard issue reg now on the roads, their short appearance looks absolutely stunning on a vehicle.

These registrations were originally issued with letters 'first', and when the single letter, then two letter and finally three letter combinations were exhausted, the pattern flipped so that numbers were 'first' followed by letters.

To help you, we've explained in more detail about the different styles of number plates in the UK.

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