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The New England Patriots have won the NFL championship four times in the last 15 years and won their division 14 of the last 15 years. He wasn’t shown the side door during when nobody was looking.

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The first Yankee Stadium was opened in 1923, and then closed for repairs in the middle 1970s for a couple of years. These teams are so evenly matched the game goes into extra innings where a walk-off homerun wins it for the Bronx Bombers. No team in the history of the ALCS had ever jumped out to a 3-0 lead to be swept the next four games. In Game 7, the Yankees had their heads handed to them and the Red Sox went on to win the ALCS and a few weeks later, the World Series for the first time in almost 90 years. If Red Sox fans want to use the kind of reasoning Yankees fans like to trot out about why their team is superior by citing things that happened in the early 20th Century, one not need look any further to the longest win streaks for these teams that have played almost 2,200 games with each other leading into the 2017 season.

It reopened and served the Yankee faithful for another 32 years before moving next door to the new Yankee Stadium and pretending everything was the same. The next year, in that same ALCS, things were different. Yes, Yankee fans lifted their pinstriped heroes to an impressive 12-game streak on two occasions, once in 1936 and another in the mid-1950s.

Eight players connected to the Yankees organization have been suspended. What kind of message does it send to young Yankees fans that so many players from their team have cheated. If you walk up to a New York Yankees fan and state the obvious fact that their team has been horrible for quite a few years now, they all seem to fall back to the same tired excuse that involves quoting the fact the team has won 29 World Championships over the years.

Of course, over the years means since 1923, so it’s not as if they’re going back to a time before most of their grandfathers were even born.

As with most sports teams, we cheer them either because it’s what our families did before us or because we were born in a certain area.

Very few of us ever pick the teams we cheer for, so it’s important to feel pity, not scorn, for those who are cursed with the cross to bear of being a New York Yankees fan. The babyface to the Yankees heel are the Boston Red Sox who have gallantly strode into battle with their faithful fans by their sides dating back to the late 19th Century. We’re guessing you already know it’s much better to be a Red Sox fan than a Yankees fan, but surely there are a few people in the Big Apple who haven’t seen the light yet. We’ll spell it out for you, and we’ll spell it correctly.Head over to the other side of the tracks, the good neighborhood if you will, and you’ll find plenty of Red Sox fans basking in the sun. Here are 15 reasons why Red Sox Fans are better than Yankees fans. You’re always going to have people claim that supreme athletes like Manny Ramirez or David Ortiz were not all-natural, but there’s a simple solution to that: Prove it.Maybe the Yankees do have a few more world championships than the Red Sox, but were they well deserved? That’s a tough question to answer if you look at the list of players who were suspended for using performance enhancing drugs between 20, there is no comparison between the Yankees and the Red Sox. And this doesn’t even account for people like Roger Clemens and Andy Petite who have been alleged users of PEDs. Instead of pointing the finger at others, Yankees fans need to demand more from their organization.Look at Jason Varitek, Rick Porcello, David Ortiz or Tim Wakefield to name just a few Red Sox players who were young and floundering for other teams but were shown the way in Boston.Look at Roger Clemens, Wade Boggs, Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr., and list of people the Red Sox signed out of school who went on to be amazing. You’ve got Don Mattingly, Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera who came up in the system.It’s a solid debate whether it, or Wrigley Park, has more historical significance of the parks currently in use by Major League Baseball. The 2003 American League Championship Series was that of legend.

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