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For those unfamiliar, part of the reason Tinder has been able to do what it has over the last six months is that it’s been able to learn first-hand from the giants of Digital Dating.

The startup was incubated at Hatch Labs, a new Los Angeles-based startup and accelerator backed by the aforementioned IAC — the same Barry Diller-led digital media giant that happens to own dating veterans and OKCupid.

No one is eager to be painted with the “superficial dating app” brush, even if in this case, the glove certainly fits.

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Beginning today, however, with the arrival of Tinder for Android, the popular mobile dating app is going multi-platform, opening its doors to users of the mobile operating system that now owns over 70 percent of smartphone marketshare.

In the lead-up to the app’s arrival on Google Play, the Tinder founders decided to take a somewhat unusual approach to drumming up attention for its new app — another testament to how popular the app has become.

Instead of simply launching the app on the app store as is normally the case, several weeks ago, the company created a landing page for the new app, saying that they would only make Tinder for Android available once they had received one million requests (via social media).

They haven’t quite made it to one million requests, Rad says, but with over 800K already logged, the founders decided to pull the trigger anyway.

On the flip side, dudes under the age of 35 have traditionally been difficult to advertise to, and USA thinks that its promo with Tinder could help introduce its show to an audience it — and many other networks — are always trying to reach.

As to the promo itself, beginning last night, when Tinder users sign in to the app, they may find that one of the matches waiting for them is actually a character from “Suits.” When and if a user “likes” one of the characters, they’ll be given access to “exclusive content” from the show, which basically means sneak peeks, audio greetings and clips only available on the Tinder network.The characters from the show will also be choosing a few power users to “like” back to engage in a little live flirting over chat and, depending on how things go, maybe even live, in person.It remains to be seen whether or not this will appeal to Tinder users or just be a nuisance, but even though both parties were firm on the fact that no money exchanged hands as a result of the partnership, users can expect more of these types of promos within Tinder going forward.As a result, IAC maintains “first-dibs” rights to investing Tinder and has been the “sole investor in its seed and series A rounds,” which we’ve heard total in the millions (and likely more than a few “millions”), we wrote at the time.With enough runway and plenty of interest, Tinder has also begun to focus on international markets, as the CEO told us at the time that over 15 percent of its users now hail from outside the U. Going forward, the startup has begun focusing its international efforts on the UK, Canada, Australia, Latin America (particularly Brazil and Mexico), Germany, France and Japan and is in the process of adding further language support, localization and is hiring local reps in each of these countries.In its port from i OS to Android, fans of the mobile dating network will be pleased to learn that there haven’t been many changes to the overall user experience, other than some requisite optimizations for its new operating system.

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