Red flags when dating women

I was young, had never tried it, came from a very sheltered upbringing, and wasn't really interested at all in trying it yet.He took my 'no' very personally – he said that if I refused to try weed with him, that meant I was judging him for doing it (not true! And what was he supposed to tell other people at parties when his girlfriend wouldn't smoke weed with him?He kept emphasizing that I needed to be adventurous, and shamed me over and over for refusing to try it.

I’m sure he had plenty of grievances in the relationship, but he was too much of a coward to bring them up or ever challenge me. It was easier for him to sneak around than try to make this relationship actually mean something, or, you know, break up.” 8.

“I wish I’d known about gaslighting before it happened to me!

Here are some relationship warning signs that women regret ignoring:1.

“My partner consistently told me he preferred life off the grid.

People will say whatever it takes to avoid the pain they’re feeling.

And 'meant to be' is something that happens once they've properly healed from their bull shit.” 6.“I guess an obvious red flag should've been getting with him three months after he separated from his wife of five years and was forced to move back in with his parents.He wasn't sentimental about the divorce and was quick to place a title on what we were in order to stop me from dating other men.“We were friends and starting to slowly like each other as more than that.There's nothing wrong with that, except he had a long-distance girlfriend at the time and gradually started to open up about the relationship in a negative way, saying he felt stuck in it or wished she was ‘more ambitious like me.’ Needless to say, after they broke up and we finally hooked up, it was only a matter of weeks before he ditched me too.He always said there would be time down the road and not to rush it – but after six months, there was a growing pattern. If someone hangs out with you, you want to be connected in their lives.” 4.

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